VIDEO BELOW: How to capitalize on the move to Voice Search in 2020

You’ve done it yourself, right?

You’ve picked up your phone, and demanded something like “Hey Siri (or her Android equivalent), find me a seafood restaurant nearby…”

Thanks to smart phones, and gadgets like Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Home, 2020 is the year that voice search will start taking over from ‘old-fashioned’ practises like typing in a search term using a keyboard.

And that has huge implications for how your salon or spa business is going to be found in Google searches from now on.

You already know that unless you’re found on the first page of Google searches, you may as well not exist.

Well, the coming voice search boom is beginning to up-end many of the ‘rules’ that govern how businesses appear in search results.

Here’s a short grab from a live Q&A session with some of our clients this week, as our former Director of Online, George Slater explains how all businesses will have to update their online presence for voice search…