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In my previous video, I showed you why it’s important to ‘optimize’ the photos on your Google Business Listing. (It helps Google show your business more prominently to people searching for what you sell.)

(If you missed that video, it’s here.) 

Another crucial element in getting your business into that all-important “Three Pack” at the top of search results is…reviews!

It’s great getting positive reviews from your clients and customers on your Facebook page.

Trouble is, reviews on Facebook don’t really count for much!

The reviews that count are the ones on Google, not Facebook. Why? Because when your potential customers and clients are Googling for a product or service they’re looking to buy, the reviews that show up first are the ones on your Google Business Listing – not the reviews on Facebook.

So, how do you get the lovely clients who’ve been so kind as to review you on your Facebook page to do the same on your Google listing?

In this video, I’ll show you a simple way of doing it…

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