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stole the following from veteran Facebook marketer Cameron Steedman, because I couldn’t have put it better myself!
“The picture above is the EXACT step-by-step plan that I have developed over 5+ years advertising on social media
Stems from Millions of Dollars Advertising knowledge…
…and is the same plan that we implement for all of our social media marketing clients so listen closely, I know what I’m talking about…
The step by step plan is fairly self explanatory but please comment down below if you have any questions regarding its implementation.
There are so many of you that put up 1 ad and if that 1 ad is not profitable then that will determine your Facebook Ads success? REALLY?!
How often do you purchase something based on your first interaction with a business? Hardly ever right?
Multiple studies have shown that an individual needs 7+ interactions with a business to take action…
So stop thinking that someone who has never met you, who has never seen your product or service before, who doesn’t trust you yet is going to grab their credit card and buy straight away!
This is why retargeting is SOOOOO important. You should at least have 4-5 versions of retargeting ads.
Is this expensive? NO!
When done correctly your CPM (Cost per 1,000 Impressions) should be between $5-$20 (this can be much lower if you are using a different campaign objective).
This means that showing 1 ad to someone costs you between $0.005 – $0.02!
Logically, the more you show how good your product/ service is to someone and the more they trust you the higher the probability of them becoming a customer becomes.
So if you show 15 retargeting Ads to the SAME person (which you can do very easily) that would cost you $0.075 – $0.30!!
The probability of that person becoming your customer who has seen your retargeting ads up to 15 times has now skyrocketed.
Not retargeting is one of the main reasons why so many advertising campaigns fail on social media.”
If you have any questions about Retargeting/Facebook’s Magic Number (50) or the Advertising Loop then please comment down below, or call the number at the top of this page, I will be more than happy to help.